i        Parental Home

    ii       Childhood, first Lessons and Study

    iii     Professorship in Aberdeen and Encyclopaedia Britannica

    iv      The Heresy Trial

    v       Edinburgh and Cambridge

    vi      Last Years

    vii     William Robertson Smith: a Postscript

    viii    Literature and Abbreviations

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The Early Correspondence of William Robertson Smith
From Student Days to Hebrew Chair: 1863 – 1870


William Robertson Smith:
The Scientific, Literary and Cultural Context from 1866 to 1881
Gordon Kempt Booth
M.A. (Edin.), M.Ed. (Edin.)


Children of the Manse: Growing Up in Victorian Aberdeenshire
by Alice Thiele Smith
edit. by Astrid Hess and Gordon K. Booth


The Ancestry of the Rev. Dr. Charles W. Gordon (the novelist Ralph Connor)
by John Blythe Dobson


Ralph Connor/The Rev. Dr. Charles W. Gordon:
The Role of Archives in the Memorialization of a Canadian Literary and Theological Giant

by John Richthammer



Biography William Robertson Smith


Encyclopaedia Britannica - 9th and 10th edition


Alford, Aberdeenshire - Image Library